Karma Where? LLC was born in a kitchen in 2014, sprouted from beliefs in unity, love, human & environmental coexistence, prosperity and spiritual evolution. We are people who care about all lives, be it human, plant, animal or the planet we coexist on. As a result we believe in doing things a little bit differently like minimizing in-house electricity usage and being web hosted by a 300% Green company. We utilize water reduction hardware and practices. We even use water based, biodegradable inks and organic bio-based cleaners when printing on our organic and recycled textiles. We also utilize and explore recycled/recyclable packaging and shipping materials. Did we also mention that we even meditate with all of our products every single day?; Infusing our love and philosophy into the very fabric of Karma Where?’s existence.

Karma Where? LLC was founded on a philosophy mixed from others. We don’t believe one path is right, but the path we each feel as spiritually educated individuals, is the right path for each us. We believe in letting ourselves be inspired by ideas, thoughts and beliefs of all religions, philosophies and cultures which is demonstrated throughout our work. For example, the text of this page being derived from the right side is directly from a Persian influence, but also other cultures’ inspiration. Also, the main Om symbol used here at Karma Where? is from Hindu text, picked for it’s beauty and design simplicity, but can be found in Chinese, Tibetan, Saddhan, Indonesian (Bali & Java) and Buddhist texts, as well as others.

 While whispering spiritually positive & socially conscious messages across our high quality, made in the USA tees, we also like to give a little extra back to this reality we participate in. For we believe we are all one, so why not help each other out? Our Re-Where? line is one created to exemplify this; Not only to recycle previously owned shirts to give them a second, inspiring life, but also to support local thrift stores and communities.  We do what we can to inspire spiritual evolution towards the source that created us all, constantly striving for better. Brilliant and beautiful in each of our own quirky ways, we shall coexist.

Welcome to…

    “-The Karma Where? Way”